Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Georgia

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Workers’ Compensation in Georgia

In Georgia, workers’ compensation laws provide benefits and medical care to employees who are injured or become ill as a result of their work. The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act governs these laws.

Under Georgia law, most employers with three or more employees are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This provides benefits to employees who are injured while on the job, regardless of who was at fault. If an employee is injured or becomes ill on the job, they should immediately report the injury to their employer. The employer must then provide the injured employee with a panel of at least six doctors or medical facilities from which the employee can choose to receive medical treatment.

Once the employee receives medical treatment, they can file a workers’ compensation claim. The claim must be filed with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation within one year of the injury or illness. The employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider will then investigate the claim and determine eligibility. If the claim is approved, the injured employee may receive benefits. Examples such as; medical treatment, rehabilitation services, and wage replacement for any time they cannot work due to their injury or illness. If the claim is denied, the employee may appeal the decision to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

Overall, workers’ compensation laws in Georgia protect both employees and employers. The laws provide employees with medical care and financial assistance in the event of a work-related injury or illness. They also protect employees from lawsuits related to workplace injuries. The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation does not sell workers’ compensation insurance. For more answers to your Georgia related questions, contact Infinite RMIS. Our experienced team specializes in relevant industries.