Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Nebraska

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Nebraska Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance is a universal and important part of any business. Each state of the USA has their own rules and regulations.

Nebraska’s Workers Compensation Act applies to the whole state. Almost every employee in Nebraska is covered by this law but there are a few groups that are not. Federal employees, railroad employees, independent contractors, and most volunteers are excluded. Domestic servants or agricultural laborers, self employed individuals, executive officers who make less than $1000 annually at a non-profit, and company officers who own more than 25% of the company’s stock are also excluded.

What is covered?

Several areas are covered by the workers compensation policy. Wage-loss if you’re unable to work. Medical including partial loss of member or damage to the body as a whole are generally included as well. Wrongful death is covered which gives the surviving spots 2/3 of their former salary until remarriage. Vocational rehab could be covered for retraining in a job with a novel disability. As long as the injury happens in Nebraska or the employment was principally in Nebraska, you must be covered by the company under this law.

How to handle and incident?

In the event of injury or work loss, and your employer does not pay for benefits, there are a few options. You could call the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court at 800-599-5155 and report the problem. They can file a dispute resolution to help resolve the issue. Nebraska’s Statute of Limitations requires that lawsuits be field within two years of the injury date or the date of your last compensation. Of course, this only applies is the employer has cut them off. In most cases there isn’t a need for a lawyer unless there is significant stone walling by the employer or a refusal to pay. For more answers to your Nebraska related questions, contact Infinite RMIS.