Claims happen. We cant stop them…. But we can make them easier, and less costly.

Claims management is an important aspect of insurance brokerage. It involves helping clients navigate filing and managing insurance claims when they experience covered losses or damages.

Claims Management

Claims management involves working closely with clients.  We ensure that they understand the process and have the support they need to file and manage their claims effectively. This can include providing guidance on what documentation needed to support a claim. We help clients navigate the claims process with their insurance carrie. Advocating on behalf of clients to ensure that their claims are handled fairly and expeditiously is what we do.

At the outset, an insurance broker will work with clients to understand their coverage. Brokers help them file a claim with their insurance carrier if necessary. They can advise on the level of detail and supporting documentation required to submit a successful claim, which may include photographs, receipts, and police reports.

During a Claim

Once they submit your claim, the insurance broker will work with the insurance carrier to monitor the progress of the claim and ensure that the client is receiving regular updates on its status. They can also act as an advocate on behalf of the client to ensure that the insurance carrier is handling the claim fairly and expeditiously, and that the client receives the compensation they are entitled to.

Besides managing the claims process, an insurance broker may also work with clients to identify areas of their business where they may be vulnerable to losses, and provide guidance on how to mitigate those risks. This can include reviewing insurance policies to ensure that they provide adequate coverage, and recommending additional policies or endorsements as needed to protect against specific risks. However, this can take a significant amount of time, especially if your organization doesn’t already have the existing infrastructure and resources in place to manage the entire process.

What We Do For You

We simplify the process by advising you on how to best minimize the cost, impact, and frequency of your claims and advocating on your behalf for a successful recovery. Whether your business needs assistance when it comes to preparing, presenting, and settling large complex claims or improving your program strategy and performance, we offer solutions powered by industry-leading data and analytics that can help you reduce your current and future losses and risks.

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