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Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for individuals or businesses in the event of a lawsuit or claim made by a client or customer who alleges that they have suffered financial losses resulting from the insured’s professional services or advice.

What does it do?

Professional liability insurance is essential for individuals or businesses that provide professional services or advice, such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, consultants, and other professionals. This type of insurance policy provides protection against lawsuits and claims related to errors or omissions in the provision of professional services, negligence, or failure to provide services as promised. Policies typically provide coverage for legal defense costs, settlement or judgment awards, and other related expenses. The amount of coverage depends on the specific policy and the individual or business’s needs. Carefully review the policy, which may also have limits and exclusions.

For Example.

If a doctor is sued for medical malpractice, professional liability insurance would provide coverage for the legal defense costs and any damages awarded to the patient if the doctor is liable. Similarly, if an accountant makes an error in a client’s tax return that results in financial losses, the accountant’s PLI would provide coverage for any resulting claims or lawsuits.

It is important for professionals to get professional liability insurance to protect themselves and their businesses from potentially costly legal claims. Besides providing financial protection, having PLI can also give clients confidence in the professional’s abilities, demonstrating a commitment to quality and accountability.

In conclusion, professional liability insurance is a critical protection for professionals who advise clients. It provides coverage in the event of lawsuits or claims related to errors or omissions in professional services and can help mitigate the financial risks associated with legal claims. It is essential for individuals and businesses to weigh their PLI needs and obtain coverage.